America is Ready for Reform

For over forty years Andy Martin has been one of America’s leading corruption fighters and political reformers.

Today he is helping to channel the energy of Tea Party Americans into a concrete agenda for reform. Andy combines Tea Party activism with a rock solid record as a leading enemy of special interests and crooked politicians.

Here is a brief synopsis of Andy’s successful efforts to expose and fight corruption over parts of the last five decades:

As a young law student at the University of Illinois Andy began fighting political corruption in Chicago and Illinois state government. As a racket-busting Chicago corruption fighter he laid the groundwork for what became “Operation Greylord” and led to the conviction of over eighty Chicago judges and court personnel.

Andy has helped remove more corrupt and incompetent Florida judges than anyone else in Florida history.

Andy filed the first successful ethics charges against a ”Corruption County” leader in Florida; his complaints helped trigger a massive federal investigation that led to the conviction of corrupt Palm Beach County politicians.

Andy has led opposition to U. S. Supreme Court judges (John Paul Stevens, Sonia Sotomayor, Elena Kagan) by producing investigative information that congressional staff ignored.

Andy exposed massive fraud and corruption in New York and Connecticut federal and state courts; he attacked the “Cabranes-Winter-Newman corruption connection” which rigged federal court decisions. Later Andy fought to block Judges Cabranes and Newman from being considered for Supreme Court appointments.

Andy became the “Internet Powerhouse” when he began exposing Barack Obama’s suspicious personal background; Andy was the first writer to disclose Obama’s religious history and focus attention on Obama’s missing birth certificate. Andy is continuing to investigate in Hawai’i and Illinois. Andy is also fighting corruption by Obama-influenced tax exempt organizations such as Wikipedia and other illegal Obama front organizations that fund and support Obama’s socialist/Islamist agenda.

Andy was the first to expose habitual liar Mark Kirk, a corrupt congressman who shamelessly inflated his military records. Kirk has concocted an imaginary persona that he fraudulently presents to Illinois voters.

America’s number one corruption fighter over the past half century? It might just be Andy Martin.

Today Andy is trying to reform America by eliminating the root causes of our national decay. The Mission: to save Americans from crooked, self-dealing, self-perpetuating politicians and their financial supporters: special interests, lobbyists and other organizations that hold a stranglehold on federal, state and local governments.

Please join us.

Support the Reform agenda.

Andy is fighting for you.

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